Answers to questions we frequently get asked by our clients.



What is the turnaround time before we can receive our images?

We can usually have your images completed and returned within a week of the shoot. If you have a specific deadline to meet please let us know and we will try to accommodate. We post-process all of our photographs in-house so we have complete control of our work flow with no unforeseen delays.


How long do you require at the property?

On average we would usually require around 2 to 3 hours at the property to set up lighting and find the best compositions to show off your space to the best it can be. 


What format do you supply the finish images in?

We will supply you the finished images in two different formats, A set of uncompressed high-resolution print ready jpegs and a set of Web-optimized pictures ready to upload straight to your website. A download link will be emailed to you for both sets. Extra’s such as aerial drone images and Videos can also be supplied.


Will it need to be good weather on the day of the Photoshoot?

Although interior shots will often benefit from good quality natural light, overcast days can give equally and sometimes better results without the harsh sunlight streaming through the windows. Of course, it goes without saying that if the view out of windows is a good focal point that you want to show off, then bright sunny days would be best. The same can be said for exterior shots. A nice blue sky will always highlight an exterior property photo.


Where do you offer your services?

Although based in Phuket and often hired for other locations around Thailand, We can offer very competitive rates for any location in and around south east Asia. 


What are your rates for the services you offer?

As the services we offer vary and no two properties are ever the same, We prefer to give quotes based on your specific requirements rather than give a flat rate fee. This allows us to better tailor the cost to the customer’s needs and which of our services you require, As well as the type of shoot and number of images you would feel necessary.